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List of SA Celebrities who predicted their own death

Death is such a scary thing because no one knows what happens afterlife. Many people believe one can actually talk if he is about to die. These celebrities’ death shocked many South Africans into a state of disbelief while others meet more of an unsurprised sadness. The listed celebrities saw their end coming long before anyone else. That is perhaps the saddest part of all.

Predicting own death is common among musician celebrities who often release songs singing about the day they will meet their maker or how they want to be remembered afterlife.

Dylan Kardashian Musanhu

Dylan Musanhu was a Zimbabwean-born South African influencer, creative director and brand manager, and stylist to the famous Khanyi Mbau. On 27 February 2021, he was reported dead on his 24th birthday. The cause of his death was not revealed. The young star predicted his death on social media after he posted a picture with the caption ‘If l die Young’ which many translated as a prediction to his suicidal death.

Hip Hop Pantsula

Jabulani Tsambo better known by his stage name Hip Hop Pantsula was a South African Motswaho rapper who performed in many languages. Tsambo was discovered dead in his Johannesburg home on 24 October 2018. Hip Hop Pantsula committed suicide in his fourth attempt to take his life following three times in 2015. Tsambo revealed in a 2016 interview that he had been battling depression due to his faltering career.

James Neo

The popular singer from Prophet Bhushiri church ECG passed away in a tragic accident in 2018. Before his death, he posted this on his social media page predicting his death.

Sfiso Ncwane

Sfiso died at the age of 37 due to kidney failure. He had suffered from a heart attack in 2015 when he went for the help of a pastor named Francis Anosike and he was promised he was going to live and he showed his appreciation by buying the pastor a brand new car worth R1,9 million but the attention of that gift brought a new struggle that he fell into the boat of depression after receiving public criticism for the gift. He wished for death “wanted to die and l didn’t care how l would end my life” said Sfiso Ncwane