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Lobola fit for a queen? Here’s what King Misuzulu is paying for his bride

While numerous South African ladies are drooling over the new Zulu King, Misuzulu has made up his mind about who’s queen of his heart… and he’s prepared to pay the dowry fit for a queen. But is the lobola he’s paying enough for a royal wife?

According to news reports, Senior members of the Zulu monarch are on behalf of King Misuzulu (47), on their way to Newcastle to pay lobola for the new Zulu queen. The lucky lady is 36-year-old Ntokozo Mayisela. Independent Media gathered that the Mayisela family demanded 8 cows and R50 000 in cash. The Royal house has agreed and Misuzulu is ready to take his wife home.

The monarch has reportedly agreed to pay the dowry on Thursday afternoon at 4pm. While the new queen lives around Pinetown, Durban, her ancestral home is in Newcastle. Royal insiders said the new queen would take part in the coming royal meeting on Friday. After the meeting. Reports state that King Misuzulu, together with his new queen, will travel to Eswatini to bid farewell to King Mswati III and return to the royal house to fulfil their royal duties.

According to some, the lobola is too little. “I’d be so angry at my uncles for doing that to me😭🤞,” a Twitter user said.