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Lockdown to be extended, after mistakenly leaked information

Many people were not happy that the country was going back to the adjusted level 4 of the lock down, since doing that meant that more citizens would be out of Jobs.

It seems now that the presidency of South Africa is set to drop another stunner that will shutter many South Africans. Initially when the new lock down regulations were implemented; they were set to last for 14 days, but new information that has surfaced has left many people doubting that we will ever go back to level 2 or 3 anytime soon.

“The Level 4 restrictions will be extended as the levels of transmission remain high” said the Presidency of South Africa.

This statement was uttered because even though the Gauteng Province was experiencing its peak, the other countries are still expected to reach their peak in the coming weeks.

According to further reports from the information that was leaked recently, the new variant called the Lambda variant which is more lethal than the current variant is expected to hit South Africa in the coming month; which would mean that more people will be in danger. The only way to ensure that casualties are less is to keep the country in either hard level 4 or new adjusted level 5.

Many people have since complained as to why South Africa is so far down on the map, but it is always the first one to welcome all these new lethal variants- citing that these situations are now engineered by the people in higher positions.