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Lockdown To End On Thursdays: List Of Things To Change

October makes the 7th month after lockdown was first implemented in South Africa. It has been the toughest times ever as people lost their jobs, the economy suffered more and some people have lost their lives.

The national state of disaster had been extended to the 15th of October 2020 and now people are left with the queston: Will the national state of Disaster be extended or ended. The answer to this is unknown however prominent voices such as those of the DA leader, John Steenhuisen, have called for the government to lapse the national state of disaster. Furthermore, the WHO has discouraged strict lockdowns on countries as local economies are bount to suffer. Should the government consider this, chances are the national state of disaster could be lapsed by the Thursday. Should this happen, some things are bound to change such as:

-Alcohol purchasing times. People maybe be allowed to buy alcohol even on weekends from liquor store outlets.

– The curfew could get lifted and therefore allowing more movement.

– More international flights to be allowed.

There are some things that could remain, for example wearing of masks. Lifting the lockdown doesn’t exactly mean that the virus has ended. The virus is steal there and people can still infect each other and possibly causing a second wave therefore people will still be required to wear their masks and sanitize at all times.