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Look at the Xhosa wedding attended by 8 people that got people talking

Marriages are beautiful to be honest. Marriages are stressful to be honest. But weddings are always beautiful and inspiring. The part that is shadowed is the part of the budget for the wedding because of the food, decorations, sounds, wedding dresses & suits that made the whole wedding a success.

People differ when planning on getting married. Some just wants the wedding that will last the whole year where people will still be talking about it and saying they’ve never seen anything like that and they Break records. Some just wanna go to home affairs with a pastor and a witness to just sign papers they get over and done with a wedding.

Some want to have few family members and few friends and they do their small thing without interruption. Some do wants the big wedding but because of the finances, they get forced to just do their small thing or just go and sign at Home Affairs.

Yesterday, a picture of a Xhosa wedding was posted where by only 8 people were visible on the attendance of the wedding besides the bride, groom and the pastor. It was just beautiful and simple and it surely didn’t have unnecessary complications but just went smooth from the start to the finish. People were impressed by the wedding, how small and nice it had to be.

See the picture of their small wedding.