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Lufuno’s Passing Should Make Black People Everywhere Take All Types of Bullying Seriously

Bullying is something that has been happening for years but nowadays it seems like things have escalated and really gotten out of hand.

• Young people are resorting to ending their own lives as their support systems have failed them in terms of dealing with what they are going through.

• No one wants to be consistently bullied as bullying breaks a person down and leave them scarred for life.

Bullying is something that has been happening for years but it’s definitely not tolerated because it’s not alright at all. It can damage a person as it can lead them to have a low self-esteem, have doubts about themselves and just be left scarred for life. But worst of all, it can even lead them to end their own lives just like Lufuno Mavhunga. Lufuno was a student at Mbilwi Secondary School in Limpopo, South Africa.

Lufuno lost her life after she was consistently bullied by one of her school mates. The school mate has since been arrested for charges of assault as she was consistently assaulting Lufuno up until her tragic death.

The sad part about this whole thing is that when Lufuno reported that she was being bullied by one of her school mates on a regular basis, the school apparently didn’t do anything about it. And this what makes me want to talk about bullying and black families or people in general.

Black people don’t seem to care that much about things such as bullying and it’s honestly sad to know because, kids who still have long lives to live are sadly ending their lives due to bullying. When they report about the bullying that they go through which sometimes can be very severe like the one that Lufuno went through, they are often not heard or taken seriously.

They are sadly ignored and this actually makes matters worse for them because, the support system that they think they can depend on in order for them to get out of what they are going through ends up not helping them out at all.

But when you take a look at it, it’s not only young people who are being bullied as older people are being bullied as well. And if kids are being ignored when they talk about their bullying experience, are older people even taken seriously when they talk about theirs.

Just because that person is a little bit older, they are therefore expected to be able to handle everything all by themselves which shouldn’t be the case because no man’s an island. Therefore, we need support systems that will help us to go through the dark things that we go through in life and are unable to just talk to anyone about.

To end off, I really hope this makes people, especially black people aware that bullying is a big thing and it should be taken seriously. If a child comes to you to report some sort of bullying that they are going through, take time to listen to them so that they know that they are heard and will eventually be helped. Cause no child or any person for that matter shouldn’t resort to taking their own life so that they can stop or get away from anything bad that they are going through.