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Lvovo Bought A Brand New Bajaj

South Africans have caused a huge stir on social media after crying out about lvovo after he bought this trending car, which is very small and they are saying he’s too big for it.

This matter even came out on SABC news where one of the South African citizen said for sure I am congratulating you just like everyone else, but our problem is that this car can only carry 50KG and you above that so police are always going to be arresting you for overload.

A lot of people are now laughing at him saying how is he going to be comfortable to drive his car after what people have been saying about him, this is the first then very funny incident that we’ve seen after people started buying this car, because others were being congratulated and just maybe love that because of the price but with this man that different issue.

Do you think police are going to arrest for overload?