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Lvovo says SA government needs to put SA citizens first #PutSouthAfricansFirst




Musician Lvovo has slammed people interpreting the call for South Africans to be put “first” by their government as xenophobic, reasoning that citizens of the country can’t continue to suffer.

The kwaito artist, took to Twitter to pledge his support for #PutSouthAfricansFirstNow which landed on the trends list as people called for citizens to be prioritised — especially in terms of employment — by the government and law makers.

“Our people must get jobs before we start thinking of visitors. I’m for everyone kodwa South Africans must come first in everything! That’s where I stand! Enough is enough! Niyajaabula yina if yo neighbours have been unemployed for years and years?!” a passionate Lvovo said.

Lvovo explained that asking to be prioritised was not the same as being xenophobic or afrophobic nor was it the hashtag’s intention to incite any violence.


“We love our neighbours. We are true Africans! But let’s fix local issues first and eradicate unemployment then we can help our brothers!”

He said that while South Africans generally had a lot of love for their African neighbours, local issues such as the unemployment rate of South Africans needed to be addressed.

“But the real problem of the people are the few white people who control the wealth. It makes no sense to me that in a country with so much poverty there are few individuals with billions. Till we fix that part — we will forever be tweeting n complaining!” he said.

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