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“Makamu is best fit for this show, Moshe is just loud and playful” fans want Makamu back on the show

It is well know that Bishop Israel Makamu has been involved in some sort of controversy and has taken a seat out of his daily job which is presenting the Moja love show.

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Rea Tsotella is one of the best reality show on the Moja love Channel and a lot of people have come to know and love the show mostly because it was initially presented by Bishop I Makamu.

Since those controversial stories took place Moshe Nkidi has replaced Bishop Makamu on the show and has been doing a great or one can say a superb job in hosting the show.

But a lot of people have got mixed feelings and they want Bishop Israel Makamu to be reinstated as they feel like moshe is too loud and playful for serious matters.

They want Makamu to come back t the show as they believe he is best fit for the show and knows how to deal with sensitive issues on the show as they come along.