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Makhadzi And Inno Morolong’s Beef: Angry Makhadzi takes a jab at Inno Morolong

Makhadzi is currently having the time of her life in Canada for her international tour. But she is getting hated on by a few trolls and so she had to take time from her busy schedule to address them.

A popular fan page Khadzinator shared a video of the Ghanama singer addressing a hater who said she is not used to the soft life and trolled her by saying she plays music for taverns and taxi ranks.

Turns out the ‘hater’ is Inno Morolong who put Makhadzi on blast for not attending Dundee July, a gig she booked the Ghanama singer for.

Inno said she will be discussing this matter on a Twitter space but before she could, she had a few words to say to Makhadzi.

“Accusing Makhadzi of enjoying herself with people’s money when the world sees her working day in and day out was stupid of that lady. Saying she’s a ghetto artist that makes music for Taverns and Taxi Ranks was also very stupid of her. What’s classy without a Brain?” captioned the fan page.

Makhadzi in the video is speaking to Zanda Zakuza from Open Mic, and she sets the record straight.

“You know what my friend, when I see the comments, as a human being and social media person, I have to correct something wrong said about my name,” said Makhadzi.

She then explained what happened and said the person who booked her publicly shamed her for no reason. The promoter was supposed to address the person directly and not tag her on the social media post.

Makhadzi then defended herself and said her life is indeed a movie because of her fans’ support.

“My life is a movie because of people’s support, they buy my music, those promoters who book me every weekend. And for those who book me and I don’t pitch, obviously, I do not plan on not coming it means something happened and we refund them.”

She then advised that should an incident like that happen, tag the person who you booked Makhadi through and not her.

“Stop dimming my light, I still want to shine I am working hard,” said Makhadzi.

In that same live, Makhadzi told Inno to find something better to do other than Liposuction and actually work hard.

She also addressed this in a now deleted Twitter thread where she said, “I just saw some hater blog wrote; MAKHADZI ENJOYING HER FIRST BUSINESS CLASS. BATHONG PLEASE STOP ALWAYS DISRESPECTING ME. For the fact that I don’t post everything like others who fake it until they make it doesn’t mean I don’t live a soft life. My life is a movie,” she wrote.

“I have almost everything I prayed for. I just don’t believe in posting everything like your expensive box on stories I am not that person bathong. Not saying it’s not a good thing to post, we can’t just be the same,” she ended off.