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Makhadzi becomes a laughing stock again

Venda Singer Makhadzi muimbi came from nothing but managed to make something, it’s not just something but something astonishing of herself. People often ridicule her on social media for the way she looks her outfit and hairstyle choices and her broken English.

All this hasn’t stopped her from making hits that have spilled over to neighboring countries like Botswana. This new round of laughing at Makhadzi will not do so either, there’s a picture of her circulating on social media in it, she’s standing next to actor Aaron Moloisi, what go people attention was that the foundation makhadzi put on her face was shades lighter than her actual complexion, so her face and body looked mismatched.

Some people disliked the singer’s outfit, and the comment section had people asking what she was wearing and saying things like the makeup artist wouldn’t see heaven and her dresser must be jailed. One even went further to say makhadzi must not have people who care about her because they would never let a loved one leave the house looking like that.