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Makhadzi breaks after not being paid over R1 million for her December gigs by Manager

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, AKA Makhadzi is trending after she shared a painful story about she hasn’t been paid a cent for her work in December.

South African Artists are officially fed up with being exploited. The latest singer to put her foot down and slam exploitation is Venda star Makhadzi, who is one of the most promising young vocalists in the country right now. The Matorokisi singer took her management to task on Tuesday after revealing that she hasn’t been paid for her hard work over the festive season.

The 22-year-old musician who has performed with the likes of Sho Madjozi is one of Limpopo’s proudest exports and with the turn of the new decade, she is one South African singer who many were expecting to kick on and reach A-list status. The talent is there, unquestionably, but it remains to be seen if her management has her best interests at heart.

On Tuesday morning, Makhadzi broke hearts when she took to social media to vent about the fact that she had accumulated over R1 million in December thanks to all of her performances; but her manager, Rita Dee, has yet to pay even a portion of this to the singer. Makhadzi vented:

“I wanted to buy something today [but] I waited, [I] promised the seller that I will pay in hours time because I knew my manager used to switch off her phone but she will soon get back to me,”

She spoke to local publication, Trends Today and explained:

“My worry is not getting paid amount i made this December but its the trends, every time I have to ask to be paid which she comes with all excuses like limit issues. Until now her phone is off and other people are trying to get info about bookings which i don’t even know what to tell them”

It seems as if Rita’s habit of switching off her phone is an ongoing one and once tweeps caught wind of her emotional story, the hashtag #FreeMakhadzi trended across the country, as many of her fans demanded that she seek new management.

Makhadzi wasn’t done, however. She also exposed her manager’s habit of “drinking” her money away before still showing faith and loyalty to the manager who discovered her nearly 6 years ago.

“Rita Dee I love you and I still need us to work but please change how you do things. Sometimes I become mad at you because of how you treat me. I will end up being depressed [because] you are damaging my mind instead of me being happy I must be stressed because of you,”

Despite her sympathies, not everybody else is being as kind to Rita:

Do you think that Rita Dee will respond to #FreeMakhadzi?