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Shocking as male nurse [email protected] 8 month pregnant woman

An eight months pregnant woman was r_ped by a male nurse after she had gone for her checkup. This has shocked many people after learning the woman was heavily pregnant. According to the victim the male nurse allegedly forced himself on her.

Reporting to the Daily Sun, the 26 year old pregnant woman says the nurse asked her to undress so he could do his checks and see how the baby was doing. She did as instructed and the male nurse applied some form of gel on her privates.

Knowing his intentions the man started massaging the lady’s privates while asking if she was enjoying it.

“I undressed and he put gel on my privates. He then massaged me while asking if I was enjoying it. I was shocked and confused. I then told him that I was not enjoying it. The nurse then said he could not hold himself whilst he was undressing,” she reports.

The woman further narrates her story saying the nurse forcefully penetrated her. She adds that she could not fight him since she is heavily pregnant. An unknown person came to her rescue when that person knocked on the door forcing this nurse to stop.

“Someone knocked on the door while he was busy and he stopped. He removed the condom and put it in the drawer next to the stretcher. I took the condom and put it in my pocket. When he came back he asked me to make hi climax. I said no and left the office,” she adds.

The pregnant lady called the police and her husband. The nurse was arrested on that very same day and charged with r_pe. The matter is under investigation and involved bodies and authorities have promised to take necessary action with the man’s behavior.