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Malema takes on Makhadzi

Makhadzi is a South African singer and dancer. Her performances are always lit, and she is loved by most South Africans. It is actually safe to say she is the biggest thing in South Africa right now. When her name is on the performance line up, they know she is going to kill it.

She was performing at an event that seemed to be Malema’s birthday celebration. One doesn’t have to be an EFF supporter to know that Malema is a lover of music, and a supporter of local artists. It doesn’t matter if the artist is an ANC supporter, but Malema will always hang out with them and show support.

On her Facebook post, Makhadzi stated that Malema had asked for a dance challenge on stage. However, on the video he seemed to be too interested in Makhadzi’s moves than his own. He ended up just looking at her, and blown away by the talent that was in front of him. It is not the first time that the EFF leader has been seen dancing to Makhadzi’s songs.