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“Mama, If You Call The Cops, They Will Kill Me” – Last Message Sent By Mbali To Her Mother

“Please help us Find my Daughter” , words that no mother ever wishes to type. But for Mrs Mosikidi she has sleepless nights wondering what is happening to her child.

Mbali Mosikidi has been missing since last Friday, and but the chilling part is when a message through Facebook was sent to her mother. It reads

Her Mother: “Please send a call back so i can stop searching”

Mbali : “Leave the cops out of this, I’m Fine where i am”

“Mama if you contact the police , they are going to kill me. please listen to me, ill try to call to call you, because now I’m stealing the phone so i can update you”

Her mother: “Are you at Joe’s place? ”

Mbali : “where we are it’s a Mansion, we are many”

“What is happening there”