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Man Catch A ‘Marlin Fish’ Worth 39 Million Rands And Invite His Entire Village For A Feast(Braai)

A Nigerian Fisherman of years has finally been lucky enough to catch a large Marlin fish which is said to weigh just about 450KGs.

Relative to it’s size or heaviness, it was said this Marlin fish is worth at about 2.6 Millions of dollars. That’s like 39 million Rands.

Shortly after catching the large fish the man took to his village and they all prepared the fish for a village feast. Yes that’s right, this man consumed an entire 2.6 Million dollars worth of a fish.

In the picture below the Marlin fish can be seen hovering above a home made Braai stand.

Marlin fishes have a huge market in Japan. They are used to prepare a high in Protein delicacy Sashimi and Sushi.

While other people were making fun of this man by saying he should’ve sold it. Others were adamant that this fisherman did I nothing wrong. ‘Everything is not it always about money’ insinuated James who came with gun blazing in defence of the Fisherman.

Alot of people appreciated the man for being selfless enough to even go as far as feasting his entire fish with his village people.

Other people when as far as comparing this man to Jesus. That is because they have both ‘fed a Village’.

Oscar compared this fisherman’s good deeds to politics. Basically he said if all political leaders were as selfless & giving as this man, African would change for the better.

While other people are making fun of thus man. Another personal forward to blame people and need websites for being hypocrites. According to this man, everyone had a chance of informing the fiSherman of the value of his catch but chose to keep quite so that they can later make fun of him.