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Man hanged on the N1 Hammanskraal bridge left South Africans sad and social media react to his pic

A picture of a man hanged on the N1 Hammanskraal bridge took people by surprise. People were forced to stop and attend this young man. People are amazed by the way this man’s life came to an end. A lot of questions have been asked whether he took his own life and if someone actually hanged him there. It is surprising that these roads are busy, especially N1 that connects the two provinces Limpopo and Gauteng.

Cars packed at this scene as people were wondering what actually happened. A lot of people were asking questions such as if this man took his life, why would he choose to hang himself on a bridge to be publicly? A lot is going on here and some things do not add up. Others concluded that this person might have been killed and tight with a rope on he bridge to be embarrassed by his death and make it look like a suicide.

People are concerned about his spirit that will be roaming around where he died and maybe even cause accidents. People mentioned the depression and suicidal thoughts that this generation is facing is serious and needs attention. Everyday stats of suicides are increasing not only in South African but across the globe. Regardless of whether this man took his life, people are still stunned by the mode he used and the place he chose to do it.