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Man mocked for building a house that looks like KFC outlets

The first step to constructing a very nice house is to get house plans and decide which one you best suits your pocket and needs. The world has so many unique architects – these are designers or people who creates plans to be used in making something such as buildings etc.

A man who is reportedly from Limpopo became a laughing stock after sharing photos of his house that looks like KFC outlets. It is clear that KFC outlet designs inspired him to a point where he copied almost everything about them including the colours.

To be honest the house is super stunning. What I don’t fathom is why social media users are making fun of his house. A real man always makes sure that he puts a roof over his family, not those ones who spend their hard earned cash on booze every weekend. Not many can do what he did and for that I give him a round of applause.

These are the pictures of his house :

The house is really not bad at all. It seems like South Africans always make fun of everything and what’s contrary is that many of those who do that don’t yet have their own houses. They don’t even know how much 20 bags of cement costs yet they talk ill of other people’s progress in life.

We need to encourage each other when one of us has done something great like building a house for his family or has bought a piece of land.