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Mandela’s Jail time is questionable! Was He Really Arrested?

Sometime you’d sit down and think about what we read about and what we are told as part of this our history. From the Apartheid that lasted many years until Nelson Mandela took over!

All the praise went to Dr Nelson Mandela and he was given the Presidency as soon as he was out of jail. There were many unsang heroes, some of them died while fighting oppression. According to history there were times where Mandela travelled the world to Europe and other African countries to gain support… but WHO WAS FUNDING HIM? WHO WAS BEHIND THOSE TRAVELING COSTS? if the system very bad and he was a targeted man… how did he manage to move around countries… remember he need a passport and maybe a visa (if it was applicable that time)

On 11 January 1962, using the adopted name David Motsamayi, uTata left the Country and travelled around Africa & went to England to gain support for the armed struggle( a country with(for) white people). Mandela got military training in Morocco and Ethiopia and it is reported that he only returned to Home in July 1962. His arrest took place in a roadblock outside Howick on 5 August while returning from KwaZulu-Natal. His Funders are not revealed at all.

Why is he praised over those who continued to fight while he was “arrested”. With his powers and the influence on Black communities… but the white government chose to keep him alive ? Was he really a hero or He was sold to the Black community to serve help the White in keeping the land and other businesses? What he really arrested?

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