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“MaNgwabe Identified As The Problematic Wife”

Vacations are meant to be a time where people unwind and forget their problems at home. However, for the Mseleku family, they packed all of them including their issues wit one another and seemingly ruined their family vacation.

In another installment of their hit Mzansi Magic reality show Uthando Nes’thembu, two of Musa Mseleku’s wives locked horns over an issue which involved their kids.

The eldest wife MaCele, and the last wife MaNgwabe, both got into a heated argument and as usual, Musa was caught in the middle.

MaCele made it known that her kids told her MaNgwabe blue ticked them when they wanted to have a conversation with her.

MaNgwabe denied this allegation when quizzed about it saying she is not crazy to ignore someone, especially children when they greet her. As the middle man, Musa tried to intervene and see if he can cool MaCele down, as she was visibly agitated.

But MaNgwabe could not care less about how MaCele feels, saying she did not ignore her kids.

Musa also made his stance clear saying he has no interest in defending MaNgwabe saying she is the only one out of his four wives who disobeys him.

We did say they brought all their problems with them right, including the issue of Mpumelelo Mseleku wanting to marry two girls. Mpumelelo is MaYeni’s 20-year-old son who wants to marry his baby mama Vuyokazi Nciweni and second girlfriend Nompumelelo Makhanya.

MaYeni does not want her son to go down this route but Musa does not have a problem with this.

Speaking to Daily Sun Mpumelelo said “For now I don’t have enough money except my inheritance which I’ll use towards lobola. Again, I cannot disclose the finer details of ilobola because these are sacred discussions between my father and myself. My mother, MaYeni, is not aware of these discussions,” said Mpumelelo.

“I’ve been dating these two ladies for the past two years and now I am preparing to marry them. I’ve met their families and I’ve also introduced t, them to the Mselekus. They are effectively my fiancées. This December I am planning to spend time with both of them. It’s going to be the first time they meet each other, otherwise, they talk on the phone and on WhatsApp. We actually have a group chat where all three of us talk,” he told Daily Sun.

Musa told the publication that he does not have an issue with this, “I’ve already given Mpumelelo my blessings to go and get married. I’m actually happy that he is getting married while he’s still young. This will allow him to make more babies, raise them and grow with them.

“I wouldn’t want him to get old and start doing things because he might fail. As we speak the lobola talks are at an advanced stage and as a father I am paying part of them,” he said.

At least MaKhumalo could get a chance to breath this past episode because the treatment she received in the past episodes was heartbreaking.

MaYeni seems to be the least favourite because she was deemed rude to her husband. She told Daily Sun, “I have seen people’s comments on social media platforms and the majority were not impressed with me. They feel I’m a bad person that I am mean and rude.

“I just don’t shy away from the truth and tell it like it is. Unfortunately people may be offended by this,” she said.