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MaNtuli on #SkeemSam angers viewers on her obsession over a double storey house

MaNtuli is one of the greatest in the television industry, she has been in the game for over or almost three decades, she was also spotted in the South African most beloved movie called SARAFINA.

She started acting on skeem sam since it’s inception back in 2011, and she has been one of the leading actress of the show ever since then.

Skeem sam is the beloved television opera that was incepted back in 2011 and for over a decade the show has remained relevant and able to keep its viewers engaged and invested in all its storylines.

The latest storyline involves MaNtuli and her son Zamokuhle Seakamela, when growing up Zamokuhle always promised his mother that he will build her a double storey house.

Since he started working she has been putting him under pressure of building her the house and recently she has been too much and she feels too entitled to her son.

Viewers are no longer happy with her, they believe she is not cool to her son and she is even refusing him to buy a car for himself just like his mates Thabo Maputla and Katlego Peiterson.