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Many People Are Not Happy With What Happened On Last Night Episode Of #Muvhango

Muvhango is one soap that has been on our television for many years. The show started in 1997. It was the first show to be aired in Tshivenda. The show had many talented actors and actresses who came and go. It has the likes of Sindi Dlathu, Mara Louw, Joyce Skefu, Lerato Moloi, Rami Chuene, and many more.

Since the show started it had many viewers and was loved by many people. When it was starting Muvhango was on playing three days a week but because of the viewership they had the show was increased to air from Monday to Friday. The show has been recently doing badly as many people lost interest in it as they say its storylines are boring. A few months back it was reported that the show will soon no longer going to be aired every day as its viewers have decreased.

In last night’s episode, many people were left unimpressed with what happened and many are saying they no longer watch the show for good. If you remember very well KK saw Tebogo and Mulalo throwing the body of Mfariseni whom they killed. KK recorded the scene and told them about the video. Mulalo tried to kill KK so that he and Tebogo can get away with murder but he didn’t succeed.

So In last night’s episode, Tebogo and her husband found KK’s cellphone and managed to delete the video, which many people were not happy with how Tebogo easily got the phone. So it means now the Tebogo and her husband will get away with murder.

But seriously guys this is getting boring, how come Tebogo and Mulalo get away with everything.