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“Many will miss me” – Zodwa Wabantu Leave Fans Worried (VIDEO)

There is no denying that Zodwa Wabantu has one of the most loyal fan bases in the country. Now, they are all concerned about her following her latest post on Instagram.

The dancer recently went online to share a video clip from a popular TV show. In the clip, one lady tells another that she misses the girl she was. The second responds that many would miss the old her too, as she was a lot easier to kill.

Zodwa posted the video, which was fine on its own. But her caption brought concern to those who love her. She wrote “Many will miss me😭🤞🏾”

Fans poured into her comments to find out what exactly is going on with her, and what she meant when she said people would miss her.

It was a heartwarming gesture from her fans, and possibly needed now more than ever before. In the past few months, we have seen a shocking rise in the numbers of celebrity deaths, so much so that many are convinced that there is something dark and sinister moving within the entertainment industry.

But it seems like they may have simply missed the point she was making. Taken alone, we see why the caption would be scary. But taken in the context of the video it came with, it is possible that Zodwa simply meant that she had changed, and that people would soon miss the person she used to be, but the old her was never coming back. Those who got it, got it.

Even so, some fans figured it’s better to err on the side of caution. Following the passing of Riky Rick, many celebrities opened up about their struggles with depression.

A common thread in most of their experiences was that they felt like they had nobody to talk to, and that the fans never really see them as people, and are quick to judge and bash them at the slightest mistake they make.

Makhadzi, for instance, said that many celebrities often feel like those close to them are just waiting for an opportunity to betray them, and to use their secrets to chase clout. She said the fans often turn against them too.

What followed was a massive campaign by fans to be more kind, and although some were skeptical, like Cassper Nyovest, so far fans have already come through for Zola 7. And from the concern that Zodwa has been shown following her post, it looks like things just may be turning around after all.