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Maphorisa Trolled As N_de Picture Goes Viral

A nud3 picture of a man lying in bed faced down has been making rounds on social media, after a troll said it is Amapiano pioneer, DJ Maphorisa. This was shared in a way to mock Madumane’s relationship with the gorgeous Thuli Phongolo.

Tweeps have been having a field day with DJ Maphorisa and Thuli Phongolo after it was speculated that they could be a couple. Videos of the two of them dancing and being cozy with each other in full view of every one, has made rounds.

In a bid to mock Maphorisa, a tweep shared a picture of a naked man lying in bed with a woman placing her hand on his bottoms. The troll said that is Maphorisa and Thuli Phongolo.

Even though Thuli denied dating Madumane, his very good friend Lorch might have confirmed things. Lorch and Phori got on IG live once more and Lorch teased Madumane, saying he is dating Thuli.

Lorch asked his friend “where is Thuli Phongolo?” catching Madumane off guard. He stuttered and said he does not know. His facial expression said it all! The soccer player then sang “Thuli waPhori”, and they laughed it off. In the same live video Maphorisa sang about Thuli.

Thuli claimed to be single but said she is ready to date, it’s just that she still does not trust men, “Everyday I think I’m ready to date but then everyday I’m not ready… because wow, amadoda!”

Responding to the dating claims, Thuli said they are just friends, “Y’all stop, we’re not dating! I’m so done with you guys! And the truth remains, I’m single.”

A few months back, she said South African men are not for her, “The happiness and peace I’m experiencing right now! My life journey is heading towards my desired direction. I’m so spiritually aligned. My loved ones fulfill me. My work is in order. I’m gradually dealing with mishaps with a sense of calmness. I’m genuinely enjoying life. Grateful! In terms of love, I don’t think I’ll win in S.A she said on IG months back. unless a miracle happens but ke angifuni shame. Ha ke batle,” she said.

Thuli has been linked to a few ZAlebs including Dudzane Zuma, Murdah Bongz and Master KG. Regarding Murdah, it was speculated that he dumped her for DJ Zinhle but she denied anything like that ever happening.

Regarding Maser KG, Thuli said people should respect her, “Apparently, I’m dating MasterKG because I commented on his tweet! Guys, please respect me!” she laughed. “I love @MasterKGsa but we’re friends, stop it! Stop it lona!”

She clarified, “I mean ‘respect me’ as in stop spending baseless rumours! Hayibo nina, angisadlali! (I’m not playing anymore.)

Master KG on the other hand did not think Thuli was undermining him. “Me and @Thuli_P We good… We talk and we cool buds..so I don’t think she was undermining me or anything with that post… Because we respect each other for sure,” he said. Master KG also clarified that they are not an item, “And we just spoke an hour ago we good and we ain’t dating for sure.”