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Mary Bushiri: Her Profession Will Amaze You. She’s Not Just A Prophetess & Bushiri’s Wife

She is the wife of the famous prophet, shepherd Bushiri, a self- proclaimed prophet who is popularly known for doing miracles and healing people. Mary and her husband are both church leaders and have said that they are doing the Lord’s work.

The Bushiri’s have been making headlines way before they were arrested due to fraud charges of over a R1 million. The leaders of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church have been hated by thousands of people while loved by many as well.

Although they have been called names for years now, that has never stopped them from doing what they do best which is spreading the gospel. They have stood firmly against the public hate and regarded themselves as influential leaders who serve with nothing but integrity.

Prior to the couple getting married, Mary was known as Mary Zgambo. Shepherd stole her heart and made her Mrs Bushiri in a beautiful wedding ceremony at Mzuzu Stadium in 2011, and ever since the couple has been inseparable.The two have been serving couple goals as they do everything together, Mary has been besides her husband ever since.

Many know Mary as Shepherd Bushiri’s wife, a Prophetess who serves alongside her husband but she is more than that. Mary is a chartered accountant.