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Masechaba Ndlovu in a fresh scandal again, hospital leaks spicy details of her child’s admission

Radio personality and actress Masechaba Ndlovu has been in an altercation with a nurse at one of Johannesburg’s top private hospitals.

The incident took place two weeks ago at the Mediclinic Sandton when Ndlovu took her seriously ill child in for emergency medical attention.

Ndlovu was also considering taking legal action against the hospital after accusing them of leaking the details of her child’s admission to the media.

The Metro FM afternoon drive show co-host confirmed through her lawyers Ramsden Small Attorneys that the incident took place after she was treated terribly by the staff.

“Our client’s minor child was rushed to Sandton Clinic recently for emergency medical treatment. The minor child was admitted to high care and was not in a particularly stable condition.

“Our client was obviously with her child at the point of admission into Sandton Clinic and remained there until late that evening, following a minor altercation with the hospital staff.

“There seemed to have been confusion regarding our client’s request to stay with her child in his room through the night and this culminated in what our client reported to us to be a completely civil exchange between her and certain members of the hospital staff,” said Jonathan Small of the law firm.

The hospital’s general manager, Louise Sole, declined an offer to give their side of the story.

“Thank you for your inquiry regarding the alleged incident at Mediclinic Sandton. Please note that Mediclinic is not in a position to comment on this matter,” said Sole.

Small said Ndlovu requested and was granted permission to sleep with her child overnight in the high-care facility even though that was not “usual protocol”.

“Unfortunately, this [the arrangement] was not communicated to the staff members on the next shift. At the shift change, our client was told in no uncertain terms that she had to leave.

“Obviously, our client understands that there are certain protocols in operation at the facility, which are designed for safety and wellbeing of all high-care patients, but she was treated appallingly by the staff at the shift change and felt aggrieved because of their lack of courtesy and confrontational approach to the whole situation.”

Ndlovu’s lawyer said his client “indicated” to the hospital staff that she was not happy about the manner in which she was treated and later left the hospital. He said Ndlovu was shocked when she was approached by Sunday World the next morning and asked for comment about the incident.

“In fact, the newspaper was somehow aware of all the details of our client’s admission of her child to the hospital, including the manner in which she paid for the said admission.

“Our client is of the view that a staff member divulged this private information to the media.

“We have accordingly been instructed to investigate the matter and pursuant to this investigation, we shall advise our client on her potential civil remedies.”

Source: Sowetan