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Angry husband sets Mashoza’s clothes on fire

ENRAGED HUSBAND Thuthukani Mvula took to social media to show how badly broken his marriage to Mshoza was.

While he soon took down the post, the pictures were on Facebook long enough for all to see.


ON Monday Mvula, the husband of kwaito star Nomasonto “Mshoza” Maswanganyi, posted pictures of Mshoza’s clothing going up in flames. CL!CK HERE TO SEE PICS

Mshoza’s manager Nathan Booysens told Daily Sunthat what Mvula had done was sad.

“Those clothes were all bought by Mshoza. Every single one of those items. That was her money, earned with her hard work,” he said.

He said she even bought clothes for Mvula.

“I went with them on a shopping trip and she spent R30 000 on clothes for him as a present. Now he thanks her by burning hers.”

Booysens claimed Mvula had cheated on Mshoza first.

“I was with Mshoza when she received a video showing Mvula in bed with other women. At that time he had told Mshoza he was away on a business trip,” he said.

He said she was driven into someone else’s arms by Mvula’s behaviour.

Booysens said Mvula was holding on to Mshoza’s phones and that was why she was not available.

Mshoza and Mvula’s love war got exposed when Mvula recently posted that she had been cheating on him. Daily Sunreported on the story yesterday.

Mvula posted on Facebook: “Ngakutshela ngathi uzothi uyafeba ngikubambe bese ngikushaya nge red card. SIMPLY CL!CK HERE OR ON PAGE 2 BELOW TO SEE PICS