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Maskandi singer dumped by wife as his s.e.x video with an actress breaks the internet

It seems Bukelani “Unjoko” Mbambo’s Facebook video has caused him more problems.

This time, his fiancee Nondumiso Mthanti (28) has moved out of their home in Tshwane after she saw Unjoko’s video on Monday, where he appears to be intimate with another woman.

Many fans lambasted him for the video, saying it was p0rn.

Nondumiso was also not pleased with the video.

She told Daily Sun she was embarrassed and felt undermined.

She said Unjoko told her there’d be some kissing in the video, but didn’t mention there’d be a s_xual looking scene.

“I didn’t have a problem when he told me there’d be a little kissing because I understand his work. I saw a video on my way from work. He was not home when I got to the house and I packed my clothes and moved out. I want to take a break from him to think about him disrespecting me.”

Nondumiso said she had asked him to see the video before he posted it on Facebook, but he refused.

“People I knew laughed at me, while others thought I was the [email protected] girl in the video.”

Nondumiso and Unjoko started dating in 2009 and had an engagement ceremony in December last year.

They have two children.

Nondumiso said Unjoko’s video was out of hand.

“I never saw bums and s_xual scenes on maskandi videos. I can’t watch this video with my kids or my parents,” she said.

Unjoko said he apologized to his fiancee, but she didn’t want to listen.

“I’ll give her time to cool down.

“I realize what I did was a mistake. I need her back and we’ll get married soon.

I’m not dating the girl in the video. She was an actress and I don’t know her.”

He said he didn’t show Nondumiso the video as it was with the videographer for editing and only got it when it was due to appear on Facebook.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her,” he said.

-Daily Sun