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Maskandi singer Unjoko attacked as video went viral

A Maskandi musician is caught in the crossfire after posting a sexxy promotional video on Facebook.

Khawulani “Unjoko” Mbambo posted a video on Monday of himself and a woman in red lingerie looking as if they’re about to poke.

But maskandi fans weren’t impressed and accused him of using p0rn to promote his album.

Unjoko later apologized and said he posted the sexxy video to prove a point to those who undermined him and said he isn’t a real man.

The Sengiqomile hitmaker said: “I don’t like to be called names. People say I’m gay because of my hairstyle. I’m a real man and capable of doing what men do, as seen in the video.

Asked if he had issues with homos.e.xual people, he said he didn’t.

“I don’t have any problem with gay people, but I don’t like it when people accuse me of being gay because I’m not,” he said.

Fans took to social media to express their thoughts on the video.

Aliwe Nkosi wrote: “The song doesn’t go along with the video.
You’re wasting our data, boy. If we want p0rn we’ll download it.

This thing you did is bad. The entire year you’re thinking of this
rubbish. You’re such an embarrassment.”

Sizwe Mhlanga wrote: “You thought you’d have real s.e.x, but
failed.” Unjoko will release his new album titled Isiziba next week.

Founder of the Feather Awards and activist Thami Kotlolo said:

“Who he sleeps with has nothing to do with the LGBTQI community. Is s.e.x with a woman proof that he is not gay? He must not use us to prove that he is not gay.”

-Daily Sun