Home Entertainment Mastermind Is Back As a Police On #Uzalo See When

Mastermind Is Back As a Police On #Uzalo See When

Mastermind is back as police on Uzalo tomorrow. when he was arrest he just changed and became a good and clean man not a criminal.

He said that Thobile want him became a clean man not a criminal so that they can have children and marry. Mastermind confess all of his dirtiness. The leader of cops promote him as police for that braveness he have. Then they marry with Thobile and have two kids.

He will be back to to deal the Mageba and his friends. He will arrest them but it will be hard for him they will even try to kill him but at last his jouner will be successful. Nkunzi try to make him cop in order to continue with his dirtiness. He will be a good police and bring a thing on kwaMashu police station.

We all be shocked to see this because we know him a criminal.We should not forget they even Qhabanga was a police and he changed to be a criminal after that he became a pastor of Kwamashu kingdom church (kkc).