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Mastermind or Njeza – Who do you prefer?

Between Mastermind and Njeza who is your favorite? Mastermind has his time to shine and showcase his skill to Uzalo fans and most fans loved him. Njeza also had his time to shine and fans also loved him.

When Mastermind was away, it was Njeza who fans considered mostly as Mastermind’s replacement. Njeza has most of the skills that Mastermind has and when most people are planning a job they always call Njeza because he is skilled and fearless.

The two have once been arrested together and it was not a nice experience for Njeza because he once tried to kill Mastermind in jail but failed because Mastermind was awake and saw through his moves and beat him up.

Mastermind was called by MaNgcobo and Njeza is also in MaNgcobo’s team, they both have no choice but to work together and put their issues aside.

As for Thobile, she may go back to Mastermind or may not but the two were known as one of the best couples in T.V and most fans would be disappointed if they don’t get back together.