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Max Lichaba’s ex wife wishes Sophie Ndaba a speedy recovery

Thandi Mavata ex-wife to Max Lichaba has come out to lambast people who made shrewd comments about Sophie Ndaba’s weight loss after an unflattering picture of the actress went viral on Friday.

Heartless comments about Sophie’s weight loss spread like wildfire, Sophie eventually addressed the issue stating that her obesity landed her in the hospital and that she has had to lose weight because of her battle with diabetes.

Thandi Mavata has also come to Sophie’s defence, stating that people should not be ignorant but educate themselves about diabetes and the ramifications it can cause to ones body should they not take care of themselves.

“The stigma surrounding weight loss is so painful, because more people still believe you lose weight only if you’re diagnosed with AIDS related diseases. Today I saw someone who posted ‘she has to go get tested for HIV’. How ignorant and disgusting. Chronic diseases is so painful and goes beyond HIV. Even with education, people still laugh like they don’t know diabetes is very dangerous, that it is the number one cause of kidney failure, loss of eyesight, leg or hands amputation, and millions of death all over the world etc,” wrote Thanda

Thandi further on encouraged people to root behind Sophie so she can beat the illness and continue to live a healthy life. Mavata also expressed her respect towards Sophie for taking on the challenge to lose weight.

“I admire her for choosing to lose weight, changing her eating habits, than to lose her life and leaving her kids without a Mother. I also pray that she keeps fighting for life and never care what people are saying on social media about her.”

Respect to Thandi for speaking out and addressing the matter.

Source: ZAlebs