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Mdlalose Tavern shooters have been caught?

FIVE suspects in the Mdlalose Tavern shooting have been identified.

That was according to Police Minister Bheki Cele, who spoke to journalists after the community engagement in Lahlumlenze, Nomzamo, following the deadly shooting on Sunday morning, 10 July.

Cele said: “There were about 130 empty cartridges of AK47 bullets, which means those people were in the business of killing.

“An AK47 at any given time takes 30 bullets, which means time and again they would reload.

He added: “The suspicion is that there were three rifles that were amongst those five people that were identified. There were also cartridges from pistols.”

Cele said they will get the motive when they finally get the suspects.

Residents in the area described the tavern shooting as a tragic incident that has scarred them for life.

However, residents were given hope after the TRT unit they asked for was deployed in the area.

Five vans were also allocated to the local police station to increase police visibility in the area.

Meanwhile, the tavern owner has not been to the establishment since the shooting.

When the shooting took place, the owner was apparently in KZN and he is expected to return soon.

So far, there are no changes to the death toll as the number is still at 15.