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Media personality Claire Mawisa speaks on dating Ben-10s

Media personality Claire Mawisa is not here to impress Ben-10s. In a lengthy Instagram post, she said she overheard young men gossiping about her age and hands.

As a result she has decided to school these men the value that comes with hands.

“‘Yeah she looks young, but check her hands bro!’ were the words I heard a younger man say to his friend when talking about me. I smiled to myself and made sure my hands were clearly visible because this obsession with a woman’s beauty, relevance and intrinsic value only being valid in her youth needs to stop.

So yes, especially in women, our hands give away our age more than our face because of the small amount of fat in the hands, the constant exposure to sun, extreme hot and cold water from daily washing, and chemicals.

“But those are the same hands that did those chores, made those meals, held your baby, wrote those exams, carried that load, typed those documents and put yourself together! Yes, take care of them as much as you can, but also be proud of what they’ve done, and that you have the privilege of age! Your body works so hard to help you function in the world. It’s job is not to impress a twenty-something-year-old man child! imagine?!! hi, I’m 42, and these are my hands,” she said.

Model Scarlet Moonchild said she had a similar experience.

She wrote: “I was teased from a very young age because of my hands. They are not your normal looking hands. They have more lines but look older. It took me years to overcome this fear. That people would judge me because of my hands. It was so bad at one stage that I would fear shaking someone’s hand and wore long sleeves all the time to try and hide them.”

-Daily Sun