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Meet a Squatter Camp in Krugersdorp That is Dominated by White People And They Love It

The squatter camps that Elize and Johan Kotze lives in is not like any normal squatter camps we are used to as black people. In most cases, squatter camps are being dominated by black people. With this squatter camp it is a versa versa, this is because there are more white people than black people in the area. These white people are happy to live in Munsieville squatter camp, Krugersdorp. They don’t even mind using the bucket system for relieving themselves and sharing one tap with other community members in the area.

If there are heavy rains, they suffer like any other person who live in a shack. Although the white people are getting used to the living conditions, they are praying and wishing that the government will some day give them proper service delivery which they are entitled to. Resident Elize Sounders told Daily Sun that they have been living in the area for six years after she was kicked out of her place in Coronation Park as the area was being developed. She said the people of Munsieville who live in nearby RDP houses were so welcoming when they first arrived in the area. She confirmed that they have never experienced any form of discrimination since their arrival.

The forty-four year old mother of three said although they did not have toilets, she appreciated the fact the municipality just made a plan for them to have electricity. She said these are the signs that they are slowly getting somewhere, they are also hoping that soon they will get RDP houses. She did apply for RDP house but it have not yet been approved. Her children are attending school at Coronation Park and they are using scholar transportation. There is no one who is working in this family of eight, but they are sharing whatever little they have with the community.

She started a soup kitchen the moment she arrived in the squatter camp. Her soup kitchen relies on donations from good Samaritans who are able to extend their helping hand. Another resident, Johan Kotze who is also forty-four years old said, he does not have a stable salary and he relies on piece jobs for a living. The father of two also lived in Coronation Park before moving to the squatter camp. He said living in a squatter camp taught him a big lesson in life. He learnt that sharing is actually caring.

They are thankful for the little they have because there are people who have nothing at all. Their biggest challenge currently is rain. Water gets into their shacks and they end up sleeping on chairs. Johan’s wish is that the municipality should give them the go ahead to build their own houses. They believe that way it can be able to build stronger structures. By that way it will become much better for them. Another black squatter, Mike Mabaso who is 39 years old said they are living very nicely with these white people.