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Meet Bontle Modiselle, SA’s new ‘it’ girl

Loving every part of the spotlight, dancer, actress, TV personality and now influential brand ambassador Bontle Modiselle, 27, is proof that being the best at one thing can open doors to numerous great opportunities.

Having stepped into the entertainment scene as a dancer and performer and now choreography, this tenuous spirit has paved a way for herself among the promising young female personalities,

Born and raised in Orange Grove, Johannesburg, to a family of five, Modiselle affirms her passion for dance began back in primary school when she was introduced to ballet, as well as other cultural murals, at the Johannesburg Girls Preparatory School.

“I was a very cultural child growing up, I was often involved in the choir and rhythmic gymnastics, however my interest in dance began with ballet and was affirmed when I later went to high school. I then got introduced to dance-hall, hip-hop and street dance. This was the same time that I had lost my father and found solace in the afro-pop kwaito group Boom Shaka and saw how both Lebo and Thembi Seete moved.”

Having lost her father at a young age, she dived into dance which later saw her becoming the lead female dancer in Africa’s first dance movie, Hear Me Move, in 2013. However her commitment to dance put strain on her and her mother, which forced Modiselle to keep her passion between herself and her sisters.

“At first my mother didn’t understand my dancing and I could understand as she was now the only parent we had and her primary goal was to make sure we grow up to be responsible educated young women. However, being young and passionate I danced in secret as I couldn’t stop. I was also very good at it.”

The hip-hop rapper found herself head-over-heels with a then fan, who later became a friend. “I met Richardo (Priddy Ugly) through my dance. He saw me dancing on  Jika MaJika and we became friends.

“However, how we became a couple was through a text I sent him via Mxit (a social media texting application) which recited lyrics to a popular pop song by Cassie called Official Girl and nine years later, we are still very much in love and have even had a fake wedding for a music video.”

Last year the dance sensation landed an opportunity of presenting e.tv’s only music show, Club 808, which saw her star beam as this year she was announced as one of the four new ambassadors for international cosmetics company Revlon.

Having had such a phenomenal start to the year, one can only hope that Bontle Modiselle’s star continues to reach greater and brighter heights in the world of SA showbiz.

Source: Citizen