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Meet Dawonga’s Twin?

Known for his melodic voice and poetic rhymes, Daliwonga Matiwane is among the upcoming Amapiano artists who are taking the South African music industry by storm.

Since coming to the limelight in 2019, Daliwonga has secured his spot as one of the best Amapiano stars and his consistency at both the quality and number of work he delivers is something to be admired.

Ever since he became a star, Daliwange’s private life has been under scrutiny and details about his family and love life have been under question and there has been a long-standing rumour that Daliwonga has a twin brother. But is this true?

Here is a look at who the alleged Daliwonga’s twin is and what he does. We will also discuss who Daliwonga’s girlfriend is, and take a quick look at his background.

Who is Daliwonga’s twin?

According to unverified sources, Daliwonga allegedly has a twin brother called Dalindyebo Matiwane, aka Dali Matiwane.

Not much is known about Daliwonga’s twin brother, except that he is a musician too. In December 2021, he collaborated with DJ Stoks, Zulu Mafia, and Hlaks on the Amapiano hit Uyawisha.

Daliwonga and his twin brother bear a striking resemblance although Dalindyebo’s skin is a bit lighter than Daliwonga.

It is rare to ever spot Daliwonga and his twin together and it appears that the two live very separate lives. In July 2020, their fans caught a glimpse of the handsome twins together after they were both featured in famous YouTuber- Hlengiwe Dongo’s video.

In the video, the brothers who sat on either side of the YouTuber played the “Who’s the most likely to” game and from the video, you can get a closer look at the two side by side. Watch the whole video below.

Although both Daliwonga and his twin are both in the music industry, the two are yet to collaborate on a project. It is one of those things that we hope to see happening, and when and if it ever happens you will be the first to know.