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Meet King Moswati lll and his 15 wives


Mswati III is the king of Eswatini and head of the Swazi Royal Family. He was born in Manzini in the Protectorate of Swaziland to King Sobhuza II and one of his younger wives, Ntfombi Tfwala.He was born on the 19th of April 1968.His older sister Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu was married to the late Zulu Monarch King Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu.

According to the Swati tradition the King can marry as many women as he wants. Every year during the annual Reed dance he chooses the new bride. He married 15 wives, three of his wives have left the royal house and the other one committed suicide.

King Moswati was born from King Sobhuza II and his wife Ntombi Twala.He was named Prince Makhosetive that means King of all Nations. He is one of the sixty sons his father had with his 126 wives.He started his schooling in Swaziland and later went abroad, England to attend Sherburne school in Dorset. His father died when he was only fourteen years old and they choose a regent to take the throne until he reach 21st.Because of rivalry within the family he was forced to take the throne at the age of 18 which made him the youngest leader during those times. He was inaugurated as the King of Swatini on the 25th of April 1986 and he started to marry his first wive then. In total King Moswati has 23 children with his 15 wives.