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Meet Pearl Thusi’s Beautiful Little Sister Prunella Thusi

South Africa knows more about Pearl Thusi whose real name is Sithembile Xola Pearl Thusi, but it may not know much about her two gorgeous sisters, Prunella and Pamella. While Prunella does not shy away from the public eye, Pamella is Pearl’s conservative sister.

It is only natural that as a famed celebrity, everyone wants to know more about the actress’s family and background. The Thusi family hails from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa. What else do you know concerning this gorgeous sister PrunellaThusi?

1. Prunella has an excellent sense of fashion She knows how to pick her clothes.

She looks incredible in dresses, shorts, and trousers. She has excellent taste when choosing her handbags, shoes, and other accessories. If Prunella does not have a fashion designer by her side, then fashion designing is her true calling!

2. Knows the right hairstyle Prunella is a beautiful woman who looks great in any hairstyle.

She knows this and chooses the perfect hairstyle for her head. She puts on weaves, longs braids, locks, and other breathtaking hairstyles.

3. Has a great appetite for food Could eating be the secret to great beauty and flawless skin?

She likes eating, and this can be seen by the food pictures she posts on her Instagram.

4. She is adventurous Prunella loves traveling and having fun.

She has been to some of the most exciting places in the world, as seen from her social media posts. She knows the right way to have fun. She even describes herself as Dora, the explorer on her Instagram.Pamella1

5. She drinks Drinking is one of her habits.

She posts about drinking on her Instagram page.

6. Prunella Thusi is photogenic This girl looks gorgeous in all her photos.

She also does not shy away from facing the camera. She is indeed blessed with great looks that make her appear on top of the list of the most beautiful South African ladies.