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Meet Skeem Saam’s Leshole, The First Man To Split The Bill On A Date

Viewers of Skeem Saam have commented on Leshole’s date in the most recent episode. Leshole Mabitsela, a character played by Thabo Mkhabela, cracks people up with his outrageous antics.

Leshole demonstrated to the audience how knowledgeable he is with money by asking his date to cover half the bill. Leshole wasn’t one of those guys who will offer to cover the entire bill on a first date to impress a woman.

He told his date that they were splitting the bill 50/50 as soon as the bill was delivered, which completely shocked her.

“I’ll pay my half and she will pay her half. I will pay first,” he said. Her date’s eyebrows raised and she asked “Are we splitting the bill,” she asked. Leshole agreed and went on to tell her the balance.

There has been a lot of discussion on social media on Leshole’s plea for the bill to be split, and if there will be another opportunity after the bill is split.

SelloMakole2 “Yes I think he will get other chance he was just using tactics only he didn’t want the Girl to take the advantage of him.”

THIBONOTCH1 commented “Well… for the fact that she seemed to be kind of surprised when Leshole said he was gonna pay half of the bill, l think she might not agree to a second date.”

Ntombi76712506 “After splitting the bill, i doubt there will be a second date. Mara Leshole worked and struggled to get the randelas maybe that’s the reason

Junior072874 commented “He did the correct thing…not letting a women walk all over him…after what she did she lucky he agreed to let her “make it up” to him”

Whalezworldwide commented “Why did he ask to split the bill though ? Would be better not to go the date cos that was embarrassing.”

Skeem Saam are heartbroken over the sudden departure of actress Shoki Mmola who is not part of the new season. Shoki portrayed Celia and the channel announced her exit.

Boasting a whopping 26 years of her television career, Mmola has been playing the character of ‘Celia’ on Skeem Saam for 10 years and in that role has been one of show’s lead actresses, contributing to its accomplishments over the past decade. Always keeping fans entertained, Mmola has portrayed the character of ‘Celia’ impeccably,” shared the channel.

The SABC said Shoki will be missed by her fellow cast members, crew members and viewers watching at home. “We wish her well and all the best with her future ventures.”