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Meet the lady who was killed by her boyfriend together with a side male in polokwane cbd

Here it’s ( Tshepo Rakoma ) a lady who was allegedly shot to death by her boyfriend together with other male occupants in Polokwane CBD ( Limpopo Province)

“Funny how people say she should have left instead of cheating while men cheat instead of leaving all the time and expect to be forgiven.. Anyway it annoys me that this man didn’t think to kill this woman but he gave himself a chance to think about taking his own life and a chance for people to advise him against jumping. He was just looking for attention nje. If he really wanted to kill himself he should have also shot himself “Said a Facebook follower

“I hate domestic violence with all my heart, that guy shouldn’t have taken her life.

But women sometimes do things not knowing what men go through to impress them, on the other side you fight with your family to accept her, on the other side you are under pressure to make her proud, you also don’t want to be a failing father to your kids, what the guy did is totally wrong, but if that woman understood that one man for her is enough, she could still be alive and happy right now. People need to talk in relationships, probably it is the guy who started to cheat, then the lady was revenging, but if that was never the case, then the lady is also wrong

Ladies please, we go through things just to impress you, sometimes we fight with our families to accept you, we take loans just to satisfy you, we sometimes loose our dreams because you say its a waste of money, we study to get promotions just to buy a car for you one day, by the way we are different. I hate gender based and domestic violence, but also think about emotional and mental violence you put men through; if he is really trying, please be patient and supportive

Please I am not condoning what that man did, but we don’t know what was going through his mind, we cannot judge him, we cannot even judge the deceased” said a Facebook follower