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Meet The Tembisa Woman Who Was Kidnapped & Kept Inside A House For 6 Months

By Opera – This is a tragic story coming out of Tembisa again, it seems like the people of Tembisa are truly imaginative as not so long ago we heard of the Tembisa 10 story now a woman claims to have been kidnapped by her boyfriend for 6 months and she has been locked in the house ever since.

A 45-year-old Tembisa man in South Africa has been arrested and charged with rape, kidnapping, and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. This particular man was keeping a woman hostage whole he lived a free life where he woke up each morning to go to work and come back but it seems like he kept a woman hostage, beat her legs with an iron rod in order to incapacitate her and leave her for dead.

This is after it was discovered that he had allegedly been holding his 35-year-old partner hostage for the past six months, the woman was found unable to walk because her legs were badly wounded and never had a good chance to regain their vitality so the woman is left unable to walk because of the injuries sustained on her legs.

When the woman was finally rescued, she could not walk due to an injury sustained allegedly at the hands of the man. The woman was also very much emotional that she couldn’t even go home because she was afraid of what her family members will say about her boyfriend who they have been warning her against for a while now, but it seems like the woman had to learn it the hard way in order to understand that her boyfriend is someone who is not really right.

The room in which she had been kept captive was filthy and messy, with clothes everywhere. You can see that the place is unliveable and of course the clutter could be because they live in a room and not really an apartment and that is what is happening here, it is clear that during the six months together they have not really been living right.

There were exposed electricity wires on the floor and another one close to the bed, this way of living you would swear that there is no way that humans could be living in that condition.

A bucket containing urine and tissues was also found, the woman had to use the door to keep herself up because of the trauma she had suffered and her nails had completely grown long to such an extent where they look very gross, and grotesque.

While it is believed that the couple were boyfriend and girlfriend, police say they are married but we know that doesn’t mean anything as the man has now been arrested.