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Meiki find out about a big secret and Noah make a new announcement that left Mokgadi surprised

Since it has been a while Mokgadi and her mom trying to keep the secrets of Noah, as always Marry does anything to protect her grandson and she doesn’t even care about the consequences she is always ready to keep him safe.

A while back Noah burned the nut factory and at first, no one knows about it until his mom and grandma find out, that is where Marry came up with a plan of buying new socks to demolish the witness.

Things begin to be complicated when Leeto finds out, but there was nothing he could do at that moment because he was being threatened by Mokgadi that she will tell the police about Kelebogile’s death.

Now Leeto and Noah are trying to get along after Bopape convinced Leeto to be Noah’s witness, but his family is not happy about it, and Marry hates the fact that Noah still trusts Leeto. The Matlogas and Maputlas have never get along but because of Leeto and Mokgadi that marriage to each other both families were trying.

Meiki and Marry are the same everyone wants to protect her family after the call of Lehasa Meiki went to Mokgadi’s house to warn him about the call that Noah must come clean unfortunately she found the secret that is been kept away from by her son and his wife. Meiki was very much disappointed to find out that Noah is the one who burned the factory and Leeto knew about it and never said anything to them.

Noah wants to come clean about everything he does in the past, but Marry and Mokgadi can’t allow that to happen not after everything they have done to protect him. When Noah told them that he wants to plead guilty they both gone mad.

But Noah couldn’t listen to their suggestions and called Kobus, Mokgadi took his phone before he can even confess. Leeto has been coming to their house several times to see Noah but he couldn’t be able to see him since he is been locked up but he is becoming suspicious.