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Mercedes Looter denied bail after handing himself over to the police

People and some politicians tried to explain the cause of looting and blamed everything on poverty and inequality. However, this was easily crushed when a video of a man identified as Mbuso Moloi was seen looting and running to his car. To everyone’s surprise, Mbuso gets into an expensive Mercedes Benz. Of course when someone is in a car it doesn’t automatically means they own and this time the car belongs to the offender’s father.

After realizing that the police were on a hunt for looters and recovering goods, Mbuso Moloi decides to hand himself over to the police. It was really hard for him not to after the indent of his car was captured in the video. Reports say the offender looted from Woolworths. However, Moloi denies stepping into Woolworths.

Despite handing himself over, Moloi failed to get bail and will spend the weekend in Prison. He faces four counts linked to theft, public violence, trespassing and operating a vehicle with fake number plates. According to the TimesLive Moloi has two previous cases for robbery and fraud. All this information has left Mzansi stunned.

According to the police, they had been looking for him since the 16th of July. They are also to verify his previous cases. The most recent looting and moving around with a car with fake number plates left the state with no option but to deny him bail till the 3rd of August.

The violence and looting affected many businesses and those involved in the act and inciting the acts are being held and looked for so that they pay for what they did. During this terrible era a lot was revealed about the state of the country on many matters. This gave opposition leaders and opportunists the chance to point out what they feel is wrong.