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Mfundi Vundla Says He Was Not Enemies With Menzi

Creator and producer of GenerationsMfundiVundla has now opened up about how his relationship was with the late Menzi Ngubane. You might know that a lot had happened which led to Ngubane getting fired from the Television series, Generations.

There was, supposedly an issue regarding salaries, but at some point, people probably got to accept that they would no longer see their favourite character, Ngamla. You might remember this period, Ngubane and other cast members were fired by Vundla.

For the longest time, people might have had a certain view of this particular issue and because there was never really any confirmation that things were going well between the two, people probably assumed that there might have been bad blood there.

Despite his departure from Generations, Ngubane continued to grow as far as his acting career was concerned, there was no doubt that he had potential to become even greater, and because of how talented he was, people always wanted to see him on TV.

This morning, Vundla was interviewed by Newzroom Afrika on the relationship that he had with the veteran actor. Vundla mentioned how he had been working with Ngubane and had actually worked with him on several projects over a period of more than ten years.

So, it does seem like the two men were once on a journey together before the whole incident happened, Vundla also went into how he was never enemy to Menzi and vice versa. We know that a lot of people are saddened by the passing of Ngubane, his passion on screen will be missed.

As much as there were differences between Vundla and Ngubane, one thing that we cannot deny is that they created magic together. The character of Sbusiso Dlomo had a lot of impact, it is unlikely that you would talk about the old Generations and not mention Sbusiso Dlomo aka Ngamla.

For a lot of South Africans, he was probably that one actor people could not wait to see on TV. The way he portrayed Ngamla, it was something that we had never seen before, he gave us memories, the veteran will always be missed.