Home Entertainment Minister Of The Police Bheki Cele Attended Nelli’s funeral

Minister Of The Police Bheki Cele Attended Nelli’s funeral

August3, 2018. Minister of Police Bheki Cele speaks at a media briefing Picture: JACKIE CLAUSEN

So, he may have been there in his own capacity, because as his speech progressed, he spoke about how Nelli’s father was correct in saying what he said.

He praised him for sending out what he sees as a message to other 22-year-olds. Cele also discussed how important it is for parents to keep an eye on their children because we never know when they will need assistance.

And, presumably, the Minister must have said something about the whole situation about what happened that morning.

He did not, however, and simply stated that he would not discuss the matter, which is disappointing, but perhaps it was not the right place and time.

He simply stated that the family should remain strong and that parents should still be a shoulder to cry on for their children.

He didn’t offer any assurances; one would expect him to say that they’re doing whatever they can to solve the problem.

He didn’t mention how far along the inquiries were; this is most likely something that will be addressed later.

Despite the fact that we did not receive what we had hoped for, we did hear some wise words from the Minister, demonstrating that he really understands what it means to be a father.