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Mohale Dishes On Getting Back Together With Somizi

The list of people who want to see Mohale Motaung get back together with his estranged husband Somizi Mhlongo is not short. Now Mohale has given his opinion on whether it’s a likely scenario, and we were not ready for this response.

Breakups can be tough, especially for high profile couples, like our celebrities. And more often than not, fans tend to take celeb breakups almost as hard as the couple itself. The result is a lot of pressure on the celebs from their fans, to get back together with their ex, which we imagine can get draining for them pretty fast. I mean, they broke up for a reason, and it must hurt for your ex’s name to be brought up to you every five minutes, don’t you think?

Well, the same thing has been happening to Mohale. When he and Somizi got married, they gave a lot of hope to other couples, and they were that fairytale story. Now that they have split up, fans still can’t seem to wrap their heads around it all, and they keep insinuating things between them.

One fan recently tweeted that Mohale and Somizi would be getting back together soon. She said it with such authority that one would think she has some inside information that the rest of us know nothing about, and she even said she would be waiting for that day.

Mohale’s response was swift and direct. All he needed was a meme to deliver his point in full, and we are impressed. Check out his response.

Of course, his followers were rather amused by his response. It’s the vehemence of that nod for us. He really didn’t have to go that hard, but he did, and we love it.

Haters were also attracted to the post, and they have flooded the comments to troll the radio presenter. He has been told that it makes total sense that he would no longer be interested in getting back with Somizi, as he has completed his “money heist”, so there is no reason for the relationship to be rekindled.

This is an allegation that he has received multiple times. He is often accused of having married Somizi just for his money and celebrity status. Somizi’s loyal fans feel like Mohale exploited him and took a lot of his money, then left as soon as he was done setting himself up for the future, and he felt like he did not need Somizi anymore.

Well, even though the slander about gold digging probably won’t end soon, at least he has stood up to put one rumour to bed.