Home Entertainment Mondli Makhoba and Khanyi Mbau’s s3x scene lands The Wife in trouble

Mondli Makhoba and Khanyi Mbau’s s3x scene lands The Wife in trouble

Khanyi Mbau and Nkosana Zulu trended for days after their hot, never-seen-before s.e.x scene played out on The Wife.

But the Film and Publication Board (FPB) is not impressed. It said in a statement on Wednesday that it would review the classification for the series following the steamy scene.

Though the duo came forward and said there was no penetration, stressing that the scene was mere acting, the majority of the viewers said it was soft porn.

The FPB said Showmax has an online distribution agreement with the board that accredits them to use the board’s classification guidelines to self-classify.

“This is achieved by aligning the ratings of their content to the FRB rating system,” it explained, revealing that the 16 VSNL assigned by Showmax to The Wife will be revisited.

The board has given MultiChoice seven days to respond.

“Should the review of the classification rating of the episode be found to be incorrect, the FPB has the powers in terms of section 18J of the FP Amendment Act to reclassify any material that was previously classified in terms of the act.”

The board also raised concerns with the distribution of the clip.

“As the FPB, we are worried about the distribution and wider circulation of this clip by
members of the public via social media,” said the board’s acting CEO Mashilo Boloka.

“These clips have the potential to cause harm if accessed by children on unregulated online platforms.”