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More details emerge on why Gogo Maweni ‘dealt’ with SK Khoza

Rumour has it that SK Khoza is Gogo Maweni’s baby daddy and the two share a son. And their relationship just turned dark.

The unconfirmed social media tittle-tattle goes on to insinuate that Gogo Maweni, who’s popularly known for her appearance on Showmax’s Izangoma Zodumo reality show could have used juju on Sk Khoza and made him go nuts, lose his job, and led to his fall from grace over a family misunderstanding the two had over their child.

It is alleged that SK Khoza has been failing to send money for their child’s support.

The row led to a public outburst from the traditional healer on social media some time ago where she threatened to ‘fix’ her children’s fathers because they were failing to support their kids.

A mole who is familiar with Gogo Maweni’s personal life alleges that the infamous social media threat she made was also towards Siyabonga Zulu, the former Sundowns footballer.

The two men are failing to pay for their children’s upkeep, hence, the threats.

Judging from the situation at hand, Gogo Maweni’s threats were not empty as one would have assumed.

She had threatened that since they (Sk Khoza and Siyabonga Zulu) were failing to settle child support bills;

“The outcome was to leave them with nothing.…. if my kids don’t “eat” no one eats.”

A layman’s interpretation of this statement is that she was to use juju to reap off the two men’s income and leave them with nothing because they were failing to feed the kids.

A brief look into the two men’s lives leaves one jaw dropped.

Siyabonga Zulu was fired from his club shortly after the infamous threats.

This, while SK Khoza’s fall from grace is public knowledge.

He was shown exit doors from The Queen a few months ago after gender-based violence reports were made public by his then-fiancee.

A recent video has gone viral showing his current state.

He was caught on camera fighting with hotel stuff while drunk on drugs.

Tweets are not happy with Gogo Maweni since the recent revelations that she could be behind SK Khoza’s fall from grace.