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More trouble for Jub Jub as Amanda du Pont’s sisters speak out

Amanda du Pont has been trending since revealing claims that rapper and TV presenter Jub Jub raped her in a past relationship.

The model and media personality made the bold accusations in a clip posted on her Instagram account.

Celebrities have thrown their support behind her, and so has her inner circle; including husband Shawn Rodrigues and her sisters Amber-Kayleigh and Adele-Kim.

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Amanda du Pont’s sisters also took to their social media accounts to support their eldest sibling.

The star also claimed during the clip that at several points, her sisters witnessed the alleged abuse she endured at the hands of Jub Jub. On one occasion, Amanda and one of her sisters even fleed the rapper’s home in fear of what he would do.

Kim took aim at Jub Jub for his “cowardly” acts

She posted: “To think Jub Jub almost killed my blood. You make me sick! You don’t deserve to call yourself a man nor are you worthy of a peaceful life. You almost took mine from me for what? You lie so much you don’t even know what the truth is anymore! Your cowardly actions are pitiful and revolting”.

Kim du Pont

The Dublin-based sibling also slammed podcaster Mac G for his interview with Jub Jub on Podcast and Chill.

She continued: “Mac G you are nothing better. With your platform you could’ve done good but instead you’ve chosen to drag women and one can see the joy in your eyes when speaking about things that can ruin someone’s life. You are the lowest level of a human.

Amanda du pont’s sister Kayleigh also put Jub Jub on blast, labeling a “clout chaser”.

She posted in an IG Story: “All I will say is that Jub Jub is a weak piece of s*** who just wants clout because he is dried out and irrelevant. Imagine having to spread lies and use Amanda’s name just to get views

“Jub Jub is a rapist, murderer, abuser and liar! If you support him you are part of the problem”.

Kayleigh du Pont